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Delivering to EC1, EC2,
EC3, EC4, W1, WC1,
WC2, SW1, SW2, E5,
N1, N2, N3, N4, NW1

Saturday and Sunday
delivery to most areas

All prices exclude VAT

Delicious bowls of goodness which can be presented in individual containers or large bowls for sharing.

Classic Caesar £4.75

Morrocan Superfood £4.75 (vegan)

Asian Chicken £4.75

Italian Chicken £4.75

Roast Salmon £4.75

Falafel & Hummus £4.75 (vegan)

Tuna Nicoise £4.75

English Garden £4.75 (vegan)

Red Pesto, Basil & Chicken Pasta £4.00

Pesto Pasta £4.00 (vegetarian)

Tuna Pasta £4.00